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Achieve Your Dreams Goal Program
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Achieve Your Dreams Goal Setting Program
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Achieve Your Dreams Goal Program

Goal Setting Program

Acheive Your Dreams Goal Program

The "Achieve Your Dreams" workbook is a positive hands on guide to the essentials of goal setting. How to set and achieve goals. The important 48 page workbook invites its students to participate in constructing their goals. It helps guide students to be goal oriented and applies very basic techniques to achieve specific goals. Create a basic action plan that will get results and will enable you to stay motivated. The workbook, your personal guide, will assist you in getting more out of your business and personal life.

The thing always happens that you really believe in;
and the belief in a thing makes it happen.

The relaxation CD is a powerful and soothing way to communicate with your inner mind to achieve goals under the sound of soothing music. This CD contains goal oriented relaxation, mental imaging, affirmations and positive emotions with proven mind development techniques. This concept is a form of mental activity called imaging. It consists of vividly picturing in your mind a desired goal or objective and holding that image until it sinks into your subconscious mind. In imaging, one sees, or visualizes a goal with intensity, constantly seeing the desired goal. Discover how to be more adaptive, resourceful, creative and confident. Learn how to visualize goals and create new positive realities very easily. Define your goals and take action.

Successful people are not any smarter than anyone else...
they have simply learned to use what they have effectively.
And so can you!

The "Achieve Your Dreams" Goal Card is a positive motivational device used to give you daily reminders. It keeps you in constant reminder of your number 1 goal and also gives you a destination date to have your goal completed by. By focusing on the goal card and destination date you will be more motivated to achieve your goal.

"The Achieve Your Dreams Program is much more than a Program ... the Achieve Your Dreams Program is a new way of life"

~ James Marks CEO

Achieve Your Dreams Goal Setting Program

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