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Achieve Your Dreams Goal Setting Program
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Achieve Your Dreams Goal Program

Goal Setting Workshop

If success is your destination, then let us help you with your journey.  Our goal in life is simply to help you achieve your dreams.

Experience has taught us that one of the most important skills anyone can master is goal setting.  Although most people realize how important it is to set goals and make written plans for their accomplishments, few actually do this.  Most put it off, living life unfocused because goal setting and planning seems complicated and time consuming.  At Dream Chasers® we have simplified this process.

Our goal is simply to help you achieve your goals.  We are dedicated to helping you succeed at life by focusing your efforts on what is truly important to you so you're moving in the direction of your goals.  Whether your looking for a goal setting program or a custom workshop, Dream Chasers® can assist you.

Some of the best opportunities in life are the ones we create.  Achieving Business and Personal Excellence provides you with the opportunity to create an extraordinary life.

Goal setting and personal planning are the master skills for success.  The "Achieve Your Dreams™" goal setting program trains you to use tools that build focus, direction and meaning in your soon to be extraordinary life.  If you are serious about accomplishing more in the next year than you have in the past ten, the "Achieve Your Dreams™" goal setting program is for you.

Dream Chasers®
"Achieve Your Dreams™"
Goal Workshop

Mastering the fundamentals of goal setting and achieving goals may be the single most important skill necessary for achievement.

Dream Chasers® provides a 3-hour workshop which includes the "Achieve Your Dreams Goal Setting Program™" 48 page workbook, CD and goal card.

The "Achieve Your Dreams™" goal setting workshop is a base line step-by-step program, which motivates and assists individuals and companies in personal planning and mastering skills for success.  There are many programs on the market, but very few take an extremely simple approach.  The "Achieve Your Dreams™" Goal Setting Workshop provides the practical tools for setting and achieving goals such as:

Why should we set goals?
Why people fail to set goals?
The benefits of goal setting.
Defining your goals.
Suggested guidelines to maintain and achieve your goals.

The "Achieve Your Dreams™" Goal Setting Workshop is a great tool for beginners and a valuable reference for seasoned goal setters and teachers.
This resource that would be extremely beneficial to your personal or company's vision, purpose and goals.

At Dream Chasers®, our goal is simply to help you achieve yours!
Price Per Person $199.00 US

50% due upon booking, 50% due 3 days prior to workshop.
Travel expenses to be paid by client.

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"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Achieve Your Dreams Goal Setting Program

Providing a Means to Become Clear, Defined & Focused

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